Why does my jaw hurt?
Do you have pain in your jaw joint? Does your jaw get stuck? Do you have painful clicking or popping? Do you suffer from frequent headaches, especially migraines? If so, you may want to talk to Doctor Archibald about Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, commonly referred to as TMJ or TMD.
Your temporomandibular joints (you have two of them, one on each side) allow you to open and close your mouth and slide your jaw from side to side or back and forth. They are part of a complicated system of muscles, connective tissues, and bone that makes all these movements possible. But because they are so complex, your jaw joints can develop various different problems.
Some possible causes of TMJ/TMD include:

  • Diseases that affect muscles and joints, such as arthritis
  • Injury to the jaw joint or connective tissue
  • Habitual movements of the teeth and jaws, like grinding or clenching

Other conditions like sinus or ear infections; neck, shoulder or back injuries, or even bad posture can cause pain in your jaw area. All these things may be part of the discussion when Dr. Archibald meets with you to discuss the source of your jaw pain.
What are symptoms of TMJ/TMD?

  • Pain in and around the ear
  • Pain when chewing
  • Tender jaw muscles
  • Painful clicking or popping when opening or closing the jaw
  • Difficulty opening or closing the mouth
  • Pain when yawning or opening wide
  • Headaches, facial or neck pain

One large, multiyear study also found that people with TMJ/TMD are more likely to report chronic symptoms—like runny nose, fatigue, or dizziness. Anxiety and depression have also been associated with TMJ/TMD.
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The Importance of Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Find out the reasons why your Fredericksburg dentist may recommend extracting your wisdom teeth.

If you are a teenager or in your early twenties then you’ve probably heard your Fredericksburg dentist Dr. Kent Archibald talk about your wisdom teeth. These teeth are the third and final set of molars to come in, and they usually appear around your teen years. The majority of patients will need to have these molars removed. Find out why we may recommend having your wisdom teeth extracted and how it could promote better oral health.

Reasons to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Many patients experience impacted wisdom teeth, which means that they don’t fully erupt from the gums. When this happens your Fredericksburg dentist Dr. Archibald will almost always recommend having your wisdom teeth removed to prevent these issues from happening:

Infection or decay

Since the wisdom tooth has only partially emerged, it leaves an opening in the gums where food and bacteria can get trapped. Since it’s harder to properly clean this area in the back of your mouth chances are good that plaque will build up on and around your wisdom teeth. This can lead to oral infections, gum disease or cavities.

Prevent overcrowding

Your jaw can only hold so many teeth before everything gets out of alignment and teeth begin to shift and overcrowd each other. If you are already dealing with overcrowding or don’t have space in your mouth to accommodate your wisdom teeth, then we will recommend having your wisdom teeth removed. Whether you’ve come by your straight smile naturally or you’ve worn braces in the past the last thing you want to do is deal with a crooked smile because of your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth can also cause cysts, tumors or damage to healthy neighboring teeth. To prevent these complications from happening to you we will strongly advise you to have a wisdom tooth extraction.

Is it time to talk to your Fredericksburg cosmetic dentist about whether or not you need to have your wisdom teeth removed? If so, give Fredericksburg Dental Center a call today.


Invisalign Straightens Your Teeth Under Everyone’s Nose!

Find out how teens and adults can get healthier smiles with Invisalign.

Want a straighter smile without having to deal with metal brackets and wires? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Your Fredericksburg, VA cosmetic dentists offer a clear way to get the smile you want without anyone noticing.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of custom-made, clear plastic aligners that are designed to fit over the upper and lower teeth to help shift teeth slowly into the proper alignment.

What is the treatment process like with Invisalign?

There are several phases to getting Invisalign in Fredericksburg:

Consultation: Before your treatment can begin your Fredericksburg dentist will perform a thorough examination and a series of X-rays to make sure your smile is right for Invisalign. We will also talk to you about your goals for treatment to make sure that Invisalign is about to give you what you want.

Your Treatment Plan: Next, we will take impressions of your teeth and from that create a series of 3D images. These images will be used to help us design your specific treatment plan.

Your Aligners: Since your aligners are custom-made based on the treatment plan we’ve created for you, you will have to wait about a week before your aligners are ready to be fitted. When they come in, your next visit will be for us to fit you with the first set of aligners in your treatment to make sure everything feels comfortable and looks great.

Wearing Invisalign: Every set of aligners will be worn for about two weeks. After the two weeks is over, you will remove them and replace them with the next set in your treatment series. All aligners should be worn for the majority of the day and may only be removed to eat, drink and brush your teeth. Otherwise, you need to keep your aligners on at all times to ensure that your treatment goes according to plan.

During this time, you will also see your Fredericksburg, VA dentist every six weeks to make sure everything is going well and your smile is healthy.

What are the benefits of getting Invisalign in Fredericksburg, VA?

Invisalign is a great option for teens and adults looking to straighten their teeth and gain healthier smiles without wearing traditional metal braces. Now patients can straighten their smile invisibly. Plus, the aligners are custom-made to fit you, so you won’t have to deal with the same soreness and discomfort that you would with traditional braces.

Furthermore, your aligners can be removed so you don’t have to adhere to a strict diet. In fact, you can still enjoy all of your favorite foods (something those with regular braces can’t). Just remove your aligners before eating or brushing your teeth and be sure to rinse them out thoroughly before putting them back in.

Call doctors Kent Archibald and Stanley Dameron at Fredricksburg Dental Center today to find out if Invisalign is right for you!